About us

The Context:
There is growing consensus in Zambia that problems connected with harmful use of alcohol and drugs are increasing. Zambians share the common effects of harmful use of alcohol and drugs with people everywhere and the consequences of such use impact on personal,social health, financial, spiritual, legal and economic dimensions of a persons life.

Our Vision
Our vision here at SHARPZ is to be a collaborative agency, offering a comprehensive alcohol & drug service that contributes to the prevention of harmful use of these substances, reducing the harms that naturally stem from such use.

Our Objectives:

  • To develop a network of relationships with relevant stakeholders who are also involved in addressing the issues of wellness, mental health and harm reduction consequent to alcohol & drug misuse in Zambia.
  • To provide training & education experience to community leaders, educators and health workers (eg addiction counsellors, social workers, outreach workers and doctors) fostering a holistic approach to health as well as to the assessment and treatment of alcohol & drug misuse.
  • To work with others in preventing alcohol & drug misuse by participating in advocacy, public education initiatives and health promotion programmes.
  • To provide community centred services for problem drinkers / drug users and their families through individual counselling, group-work and day programmes as well as through advice and self help materials.
  • To provide the opportunity for intensive residential programmes that address the needs of people with more severe alcohol & drug problems.
  • To collaborate with employees and employers in developing prevention and treatment approaches and workplace policies that promote the mental health and wellness of all personnel (eg Employee Assistence Programmes)
Our Programmes:

5 Day Alcohol & Drug Awareness / Brief Intervention Programme: 
This programme has been run for over six years now and we have brought it to more than 2000 people in Zambia. the aim of the programme is to raise awareness of what a drug is and the dangers caused by harmful use of drugs (including alcohol and cigarettes). We also introduce participants to the technique involved in Brief Interventions (BI).

Community Alcohol Teams in Zambia (CATZ): 
The CATZ programme is new to SHARPZ and is build upon our experience working in this field as well as requests from those we have worked with for a more comprehensive training programme that follows on from the standard 5 day. CATZ is comprised of four stages (MILC, FISH, PAWS,MICE). CATZ is based upon the psycho-educational model of group work and is designed for individuals already working within communities who wish to up-skill in the area of drug 7 alcohol. It is envisaged that CATZ practitioners will operate as part of CATZ teams through-out Zambia.

Multi - Intervention & Life Coaching (MILC): This module aims to.....
Facilitation & Interpersonal Skills for Hope (FISH): This module aims to ....
Practical Alcohol-Workers Skills (PAWS)
Motivational Interviewing and Change Evaluation (MICE): This module aims to .....

Child Protection Training:
We offer two child protection training programmes: Child Protection Policy Development (CPPDP) and Child Protection Awareness Training (CPAT). The area of child protection is one of growing  concern within Zambia. These programmes aim to equip an organisation with the skills necessary to navigate its way through developing robust child rights centred policies & procedures (CPPDP) as well as training staff and project workers on the key issues related to child protection (CPAT).