Our Services

Counselling & Support Groups:
Group Addiction Counselling Services. Men's Group Thursday 15.00 / Woman's Group Thursday 12.45
Alcoholics Anonymous ( AA) Monday 17.30
Alnon (Families affected by Alcohol) Wednesday 17.30
Individual Counselling by appointment

Community Education Services:
5 Day Alcohol & Drug / Brief Interventions
CATZ Training Programme
Child Protection Training
Schools Programmes

We provide outreach services to schools and local communities in association with our partner, Barefeet, which are tailored to the communities needs. For further information on the range of services please contact the SHARPZ office.

Monitoring & Evaluation Services:
We collaborate with a number of NGO's to build accurate and timely records of alcohol & drug use, it's effects on individuals, family and society as well as prevailing legislation and enforcement. This data better serves our provision of up-to date and needs driven solutions for individuals and communities.

TF-CBT (In associate with John Hopkin's University):
TF-CBT, Trauma Focused Cognitive Based Therapy, is a joint venture between SHAPRZ and JHU. Over 20 counsellors are trained in this technique and will roll this therapeutic intervention out to 200 children. This method of therapy aims to help children who have been affected by trauma to relearn positive behaviours enabling them to take control of their situation and futures. (For more information on TF-CBT, click here)